Things I Learned From Watching Pretty Little Liars

Calling this show a guilty pleasure would be an understatement, and quite frankly, an insult to all guilty pleasures. 

It’s a full on obsession, and I am not proud. 

Besides the years of being dragged along on A’s (and IMK’s) anger -and paranoia- inducing roller coaster ride…I have learned a few things. Albeit useless things. 


1. Hanna will NEVER get the expression right. My favorite so far is “the straw that broke the chameleons back”

2. If you watch this show, you’re a detective by association. And if you aren’t, you will become one after the second season. 

3. Never talk to the police.

4. Never tell Ali your secret.

5. Actually, never tell anyone anything.

6. ravenswood was apparently not a good show.

7. Apparently, high school kids look like college students. 

8. Parents are nonexistent. *oprah voice “you get a shitty parent, you get shitty parent…everyone gets a shitty parent!”

9. Peter Hastings is the Zeus of Rosewood. So many problems averted if he could just keep it in his pants. 

10. Spencer has more brothers than answers at this point. 

11. Emily has one look – fear/surprise. I’m still waiting for her “magnum” look. Which will undoubtedly save the Malaysian prime minister. 

12. Andrew is everyone’s tutor. 

13. Toby didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose him. 

14. A is more omniscient than God. 

15. If you don’t have the hots for Ezra, you’re a fucking liar and I don’t forgive you. 

16. If you argue with the fandom, you will lose. And you will pay. 

17. Everything comes back to radley. 

18. Emily should probably be pickier with who she dates. 

19. This show leads me to believe that all blondes in rosewood look alike. Somehow. 

20. The show is infinitely better if you understand all of the literary references. 

22. #spoby …#sparia …#spencer is my favorite. 

That’s all for now, lol 

I’m sure more will come to mind in due time. 

Thanks for reading! 

Out of curiosity, what are you favorite PLL moments? Comment below!

Scentbird Review!

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Favorite Scents

Favorite Scents

Balenciaga fragrance

Diptyque fragrance

Giorgio Armani fragrance

Perfume fragrance
$69 –

Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials

Gladiator sandals

River Island retro glasses
$15 –

Evian face care

Currently Wishing For….

Currently Wishing For....

A Sunnie Affair

A Sunnie Affair

Nails Of The Week: Sinful Colors – Rise & Shine


Nothing like a good nail post, eh?

I thought this color would be fitting for my tropical brunch tomorrow with my family, for Mothers Day!

I’ll have an outfit post for you guys, hopefully.

I love this bright green color, Rise and Shine by Sinful Colors. It has some shimmer, without being too overwhelming. For some reason, All the Sinful Colors polishes I have are matte. So I always have to add a top coat or gloss for that shine. I’m not sure if they are meant to be that way or not, and I don’t mind it. But I thought for tomorrow I would like some bright shiny nails :) I always see this brand at Walmart and Walgreens and they are never more than a dollar or two. Steal!

Thanks for reading!


Review: L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche La Palette


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