Warby Parker & My New Glasses

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Hey everyone! Today I want to share with you my new glasses from Warby Parker. :) If you follow this blog, you know I love them and have posted about them before. Well the time finally came to purchase new … Continue reading

Never Lose Your Headphones Again!

I’m the kind of person who constantly loses my headphones. Even the giant ones. As a matter of fact, the bigger they are…the easier they are to misplace for me.

So I have come up with a solution that can maybe work for some of you as well. I spent a lot of time online looking for a stand or something where I could always keep them readily available. But the stands were either not my taste, too big or too small or just too expensive.

During a trip to TJ Maxx, I was wandering around the home stuff when the idea hit me….



Yes! Those adorable iron hooks make excellent headphone holder keeper things! (That’s exactly how I said it in my head too)

Anyway, I thought it was a neat way to keep my darling headphones always in reach… Instead of them doing some weird tango around the mess in my room.


Resolutions and Why I need to be serious about them.

Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of making new year resolutions, and why everyone gets so caught up in the “new year, new me” hive mind. No one ever really follows through…right? Isn’t it always a long term plan that somehow turns into a short term, short lived plan?

Then I realize that going in with that attitude is what disrupts the progress.

I think I’m going to turn my resolutions into a state of mind, a state of being…instead of words written in a planner or a journal.

Turn them into tangible, attainable tasks and goals that can be worked on day by day, little by little. Because sometimes breaking down the big picture into smaller, less intimidating ones are just the trick.

So here’s my list of goals for 2015, a lot of which may be similar to last years (because I too am guilty of quitting a couple months in)…

1. Stay Hydrated
I’m a huge fan of soda and other deliciously fizzy drinks. To the point where it’s become an unhealthy addiction. There are some days where I can go through multiple liters of coca cola. It’s horrible. This year though, I’m making it a point to give up the fizzies, or at least curb the intake…by a lot. I find that keeping a bottle of water with me at all times helps. If I have something to drink already in front of me, I don’t reach for anything else. That’s not to say that I don’t have moments of weakness and never reach out for a cold can of soda though. I’ll allow myself a cheat day here and there…and honestly, I feel better knowing I’m drinking more water (and consequently peeing like a racehorse because of it).

2. Think Happy Thoughts
I’m reeeeeaaaaaalllly good at angry rants. Almost too good. I’m that friend who is the ultimate pessimist, that girl who sees the glass half empty. Instead of being happy about 80% sunshine, I get bummed about the 20% chance of rain. I don’t know why that is. If I’m painfully honest, I have always considered myself to be an inherently negative person. But it does not suit me. It does not suit me because I am the advice giver in my inner circle, the rock and the confidant. So why am I so pessimistic? No clue. But I do know it’s time to change that. The positive advice I give to those close to me, also needs to be directed inwardly. The good vibes I wish on those I love and care for, need to be wished upon my own life as well. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in the nasty stuff and forget about the good things. So from now on, I will try to find at least one good thing in every day. I won’t care about the 20% chance of rain, because a little water never hurt anyone anyway.

3. Get The Creative Juices Flowing
Beyond the dark and twisty pessimist, and past the dorky, clumsy exterior lies a volcano of creativity. Why it hasn’t erupted is totally beyond me. This year I need to express myself more through art. Painting, writing, making things…I need to do it. Even scrap booking or pottery. I feel like my life needs something more than what I’m doing now. Ever feel that way? You ever just wake up one morning and just feel like painting?

4. Financial Freedom, Finally
Money management has always been a struggle for me, as im sure it is for a lot of other people. On top of crappy management theres also the shopping addiction I have. Mix those two together and I im sure I dont have to explain what an awful catastrophe it is in my life. Im pretty sure this may have been part of my resolutions last year, and of course I stopped caring half way through. However, there are big plans in mind for 2015 and if I want them to really come to fruition, I need to be somewhat financially capable, if not free, to make these things happen. So yes, this may be the biggest goal of them all, but its also the most important to me. Its time I get the student loans under control, jump on the money saving train and learn to curb my spending. Welcome to adulthood, Tiny T…its about time you showed up.

5. Stay Organized
Im the first one to admit that I am a total mess. I never clean up after myself, and my room always looks like a tornado came through it without mercy. Thats me, an unmerciful tornado. Clean laundry? Wont get put away until the next weeks batch. Shoes? Never in my closet. Making my bed? I dont even know what that means. Dont even get me started on my car. *ashamed* But like all things in life, this must come to an end. I REALLY need to get my shit together and get more organized. I can never have the type of place I want if I continue to stay so messy. I think a big part of me not being so much of a morning person (other than being deeply in love with sleep) is that waking up in a cluttered, messy place is bound to start affecting your mood at some point. All of which leads me to my next point, which goes hand in hand with this one:

6. Stop Hoarding
Yea. I hoard. I hoard like a hamster shoving food into his cheeks. I hoard the most ridiculous things, “collect” the most ridiculous things. Its a very serious problem. How many tea pots do I need before its too many? How many pairs of fluffy socks before its a disease? Do I really need 56 fleece blankets? Do I really need a million candles? -_- By now im sure you catch my drift. 2015 will be the year of the purge. I want to go through everything I own, from clothing to books and get rid of or donate things that I REALLY dont need cluttering up my life.

What are your resolutions? Do you think you will keep any of them?

Thanks for reading!

OOTD: A Day At Morikami Museum


Hello darlings! This past friday I had a sibling day with my brother, and we went to hang out at Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. Morikami is a beautiful garden/museum show casing japanese culture, art and beautiful gardens (and tons of … Continue reading

Style Crush: Kylie Jenner

What better way to say goodbye to 2014 than with a style crush post?! It was only a matter of time before it happened…but its time i admit my girl crush on Kylie Jenner.

I love her hair, her makeup (exaggerated lip liner aside)…and most importantly, her style. Of course, shes gorgeous when shes done up to the nines for a red carpet event, but my favorite kylie is when shes dressed “down” (if we could really call it that). I love the ripped boyfriend jeans, flannels and band tees. Right up my alley!







FOTN: Vampira

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Hello my friends! Welcome back to my happy little corner of the internet. Last night was date night! I was really pleased with my makeup, so I thought I would share it with you. Its a very basic face with … Continue reading

Mini Trader Joes Haul



Hello there, friends!

This is a first for me here on Chroma Me Silly…a grocery haul! I watch these all the time on youtube. Honestly, i was pretty tempted to vlog my day…until i realized i had nothing to vlog with. :( Anyway, i went to trader joes today. How i love that place!

Is it just me, or is grocery shopping one of the most fun and relaxing things ever? Maybe im just getting old.

I picked up some beautiful flowers. I currently have them arranged in a crystal vase on my desk. I have never been much for flowers, but lately i just want to have them around. They’ll make a nice background for blog photos for sure. :)

I picked up just a few random things: oatmeal cookies (trader joes makes my favorite kind!), balsamic vinegar (random but i go through a lot of it in my house lol), spiced chai mix, three types of honey for my tea that came in a little box of cute glass jars and some cat food for my girl, Sinatra.

Definitely a boring post…but i enjoy seeing what other people pick up at the grocery store, maybe you guys do as well?

Thanks for reading loves!

Cozy Winter Nights: Chroma Me Silly Style.


Theres just something about winter that puts me in the perfect mood. Jolly every morning, I drink more tea, I smile more often…I get to wear scarves and chunky sweaters. Winter is most definitely my favorite season. I feel warm … Continue reading

LBD: Day to Night

I think we all know the importance of having that Little Black Dress in our closets. In a pinch (or in my case, when I REALLY need to do laundry) my LBD can be exactly what I need to look flawless for my sushi lunch date, or totally killer for that first date night. Chroma Me Silly is super excited to team up with the lovely folks at DailyLook to bring you a flawless, comfortable and easy to wear day to night look, featuring that LBD. My style is all about comfort, without losing your edge. My perfect little black dress is a mix of comfort, boho flair, with a dash of sex appeal and edge. Paired with a nude lip for day time, and a bold lip for that date night, I think its pretty safe to say these are my new favorite outfits.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 8.01.11 PM

To see a full list of the items featured, click the photo or visit the style set here.

What do you guys think?

How would you style your LBD?

Halloween: Oompa Loompa

So around this time, my blog starts to get a lot of hits…All the crafty ones start coming around this time to find ideas for Halloween.

Halloween is DEFINITELY my favorite holiday, second only to Christmas.

I want to share a few other Halloween ideas, for those of you who are not interested in turning themselves into Edward Scissorhands (that post can be found HERE).

This post is all about my Oompa Loompa costume from a few years ago. Enjoy!

299562_10150385233427777_1418765631_n 324512_298702020157541_301830288_o

Unfortunately, these are the only photos I could find, as this costume was from a few years back. Im actually considering doing this again, it was so fun!

Anyway, this costume was pretty simple. The hardest part is the pants. Now I’m a pretty crafty girl, and I have been known to sew/design my own costumes…BUT…these pants I actually had to buy. I know, total bummer. I just couldn’t figure out to get them just right, and everything I made was a total failure. I caved and ended up just getting them custom made. In retrospect, I realize now I could have made them myself, after looking closely at how mine were made…..but truth be told, its the most important part of the costume. Everything else you can skimp on, and buy super, super cheap.


The pants I ordered off Ebay (seller is no longer on ebay, I checked). The seller custom made them, and I had to order them a couple weeks in advance. I paid about $30 for them. They are made out of felt…and after seeing them, I realized that felt was the PERFECT material to make them out of. Just buy it in bulk, trace out the “oompa” pattern twice (one for the front part, and one for the back) and sew them together. You can use your best fitting jeans as a pattern, just add the “oompa” hips. After looking closely at the seams of my pants, thats exactly what the lady I bought from did. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess. I would have never thought to use felt. The suspenders are also made out of strips of felt and the buttons are just large black plastic buttons that are attached to the pants/suspenders by safety pins.


The wig is also from ebay. I searched for the cheapest one possible and I paid about $10 for it. You can search for a plain green wig and style it yourself with a regular poof, or you can search for an “oompa loompa” wig on ebay/amazon like I did.


The turtle neck I already had. I just took some white fabric paint I had left over from a previous project and painted the white lines on the neck and sleeves. I suggest hitting up a thrift shop for an old brown turtle neck if you dont want to ruin one you still wear. If you’re in a pinch for the white stripes and its super last minute, the liquid type of white out or white nail polish will work just as well.

The white gloves I had from a previous costume, but you can also find really cheap ones on ebay or the dollar store.


In the photos you cant see my feet unfortunately. But im just wearing brown/white striped socks I had from my pirate days at the renaissance fair and my fairy shoes. I had shoes custom made for one of my old renaissance fair costumes, and I used them again for the oompa loompa. The seller can be found on Etsy, she makes the most amazingly comfortable shoes…and honestly, I wear mine all the time. Sadly, she doesnt have anything listed on her shop currently. Im not sure if that will change or not. :( Obviously, not everyone is weird and has a pair of custom made fairy shoes that look remarkably like fashionable oompa wear, so a pair of brown leather flats will do. If you have old ones, you can simply glue a white pom pom to them, to match the oompa’s shoes.

Now for the make up.

Basically, I started off by using a concealer/foundation that was about 3 shades darker than what I would normally wear. I used this super affordable concealer palette from ebay (its cheap, but it did not cause any breakouts or damage to my skin even after using it all over my face). Then I used the most orange bronzer I could find at the drugstore. I dont have the bronzer anymore, so I dont remember what brand it was…but honestly I just went into a walgreens and got the most orange one I could find. My face was already pretty orange with just the orangey shades from the concealer palette, but an orange bronzer helps to keep things matte, and more importantly, in place. If you cant find a very orange based bronzer, use many layers of your regular bronzer. You are more than welcome to use orange face paint. If you do, I would first mix some of the paint into my foundation and build it up from there so it looks more like a bad tan than just regular face paint. Then you can set your paint/foundation mix with translucent powder.


For the brows, I used the glue stick method. Take a glue stick and use it to cover your eyebrow hairs. Word of advice, you want to cover your brows BEFORE the foundation and bronzer. Then I just took some white eyeliner to re-draw them back on. I used  a glue stick to cover them because I have very dark, very coarse hair. If I left them alone, nothing would be able to cover them…not the concealer/foundation or super orange bronzer. Obviously, if your brows are more well behaved than mine, you can skip the glue stick. Don’t be afraid of the glue stick method either, it will come off very easily with make up remover and warm water. It wont rip out any of your eyebrow hair, and it wont hurt. If you have sensitive skin, I would first test the glue on a corner of your brow to make sure your skin doesn’t have any weird reactions to it.


We made it to the end!

I hope you guys enjoyed this!

If you try any of the Halloween costumes you find via my blog, please tweet me your pics @TinyxThalia!!!!!! I would love to see them! <3

Have fun!